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At REFIENERGY our mission is to support and empower individuals, communities, and businesses to “Own Your Free Electricity” with solar technology. We consider ourselves part of the global solution to climate change by providing the necessary resources to make it happen.

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The sun provides enough energy in a single hour to power the world for a year. In the last two years,solar energy has grown faster than any other type of energy, at an average rate of 68%. Solar power is a smart choice for everyone – not just wealthy homeowners. Commercial solar installations are booming as well for schools, businesses, and government buildings.

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Solar Panels

Whether you are an individual looking to set up a system for your home or a corporation seeking solar alternatives to meet your company's diverse needs, we can offer the most innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

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Roof Solar

Our company goal is to save our valued customers money on energy cost while providing them with the best energy savings possible. We employ a team of technically sound experts who are dedicated to achieving this goal.

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Industry Solar Panel

All over the world, many companies are going solar for its environmental benefits. The beauty?- It doesn't depend on grid infrastructure; you can use anything from parking lots, rooftops, ditches, or landfills to harness the sun's energy.

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Discover Independence Through using Power Of Smooth Solar Panels!

Capturing sunlight and converting it to electricity is a clean, pollution-free, efficient, and affordable way to power your home or business.

It takes about 1-3 days to install, but there is a backlist of projects in the install queue and several steps that must be completed before we can mount the system on your roof. The typical period from Contract Signing to Installation is about 90 days.

At a very high level, we can tell you that most of our customers tend to finance their investment and can do so with no money out of pocket and a payment that is often below their energy savings from day one. Our cash customers typically see a payback in 5-12 years, and an IRR that exceeds what the general stock market has historically returned over the last 70 years.
The internal rate of return (IRR) is a metric used in financial analysis to estimate the profitability of potential investments.
In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance will not go up. It depends on how comprehensive your current coverage is. If you need to add coverage, it can cost an extra $15 - $90 per year.

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